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For women and girls, having networks made up of other women and girls is essential to their empowerment and well-being. Studies have shown that individuals with access to diverse circles of other women from different sectors, professions and walks of life mean more life-changing opportunities and increased potential for socio-economic elevation, independence and security overall. Because of the socio-cultural and political obstacles that confront women and girls, it is very important to create girls-women groups so they can relate, guide, counsel and support one another. Talk about their common strengths and weaknesses, share resources and, most significantly, a sorority that will benefit those women and girls who are most vulnerable.

"Promote My Sister" is an all women and girl focused campaign, spotlighting and encouraging the efforts many women and girls continue to make to support one another. Women hiring women, sharing information, mentoring, role-modelling, supporting, electing themselves or just simply being available for one another like sisters can have a life-altering impact and completely change the situation of the most affected and disadvantaged within this demographic. Strengthening these relationships, empowering, and establishing the sorority, are critical to accelerating the change needed to fully address the pervasive health and protection crises women and girls face today in Nigeria and globally.

There is no better time to mobilize Nigeria's sorority to support and empower the most in need sisters.

To join the campaign, we encourage women to share their stories on social media on how they have been promoted, protected, praised or picked by other women or when they have done it by using the hashtag #PMS and #PromotedMySister and tagging us. Let's show the world how women support women.

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