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As the demographic dividend gains momentum, it is crucial to remember that harnessing the potential of young people and investing in them is at the centre of it all. Investment in their reproductive health and wellbeing; education; skills development; governance and social inclusion will determine how well they make it as leaders of tomorrow.
UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, has a mandate to ensure that every young person's potential is fullled. Realizing this starts with advocating for the rights of girls to equal access to education and reproductive health care services, protecting them from harmful socio-cultural practices like child marriage and female genital mutilation, giving them access to contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and nally that every childbirth is safe. It starts with girls because they are the most vulnerable but our work is not hinged on them alone.
In this fth edition of “UNFPA in Nigeria” you will read about how the Fund is making a difference in the lives of women, girls and young