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The United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA in collaboration with HACEY Health Initiative and the UNFPA Youth Participatory Platform - UNFPA YPP developed and piloted the UNFPA/YPP Youth COVID-19 Call line to improve young people’s access to available mental and sexual and reproductive health services in Southwest Nigeria in response to the negative outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people.

The project was piloted in the wake of the pandemic and implemented over the course of 4 months, from July to October 2020, and reached young people across five states in South-west Nigeria – Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Ondo, and Ekiti with information and services to help them overcome the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic in their daily lives. The project reached over 100,000 young people through social media and produced 45 information content to support young people’s access to support. The call-line and supporting digital platforms provided a direct response to the needs of young people, including those living with HIV, and contribute to further understanding their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.