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The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing social and economic aftereffects caused havoc on health systems and the everyday lives of individuals. Governments, health systems, and social safety networks previously under strain could not cope with the new realities and already existing gaps in the sexual and reproductive health of young people were further enlarged. Resources pulled from other health and social services to support the response to the pandemic further increased the negative impact of COVID-19 on young people. Global predictions and reports confirmed the need for increased focus on young people’s mental, sexual, and reproductive health needs. The rise in gender-based violence during lock-downs and close shutdowns further affected the exposure of young people to challenges without recourse to adequate support.

In response to this, the United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA in collaboration with HACEY Health Initiative and the UNFPA Youth Participatory Platform - UNFPA YPP developed the UNFPA/YPP Youth COVID-19 Call line to improve young people’s access to available mental and sexual and reproductive health services in Southwest Nigeria. The project was designed to provide a confidential call line and youth-friendly to provide young people with access to youth-targeted information, counselling, and referral support to enable them to understand and address the negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on them. It provided young people with information and services aimed at promoting their sexual and reproductive health and mental well-being during the COIVD-19 pandemic.