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UNFPA Nigeria’s Regional Ambassador for West and Central Africa-Motivating the youths to Aspire

As UNFPA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its establishment and the 25th anniversary of the ICPD, UNFPA received the honor of inviting Stephanie Linus as the key speaker to the 2019 Youth Innovators Leaders Fellowship Programme (Y.I.L.) in Lagos, Nigeria. As a well-renowned actress, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, Mrs. Linus also accepted the title of UNFPA Nigeria’s Regional Ambassador for West and Central Africa in 2017. As the Regional Ambassador, Ms. Linus continuously advocates for and helps raise awareness on issues pertaining to the improvement of health and status of girls and women whilst encouraging investments in the full potential of young people.  As Mrs. Linus spoke to the 40 Y.I.L. fellows on the first day of training, she highlighted the importance of craving mentorships, as it is crucial to the investment in young people and encouraged them to utilize their talented and unique minds to face their problems head-on and garner innovative ways of addressing issues pertaining to them. She urged the fellows to capitalize their power to do what they can in their respective sphere in creative ways in order to shift the conversation. She advised the fellows to value the transformative nature introspectiveness and push through with no limitations. Mrs. Linus also highlighted that there is one life to live, one world they are living in and what matters the most is the ability to go and change the world, perspectives and minds. Stephanie Linus became an inspiration for many of the fellows and unapologetically proved to them that their minds, potential, and future are worth the investment.