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UNFPA Nigeria Celebrate ICPD@25 and UNFPA@50-Equipping the young person with innovative skills to address the UNFPA three transforming Goals

UNFPA Nigeria Celebrate ICPD@25 and UNFPA@50 by equipping the young person with innovative skills to address the UNFPA three transforming Goals

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the trajectory-changing International Conference on Population and Development, also in tandem with UNFPA at the age of 50, UNFPA Nigeria has engaged the country’s brightest youth to accelerate aspirations in furthering innovation initiatives to reach its organizational goals.  The Youth Innovation Leaders Fellowship mobilized young people from various states, universities, disciplines to tackle central challenges facing the country by formalizing innovative solutions and models that have the potential to remedy these issues. UNFPA joined the Young Innovation Leader Fellowship this week during a mandatory week-long preliminary boot-camp training on ideals of “scaling up excellence”, enhancing human capacity, identifying problems and most especially developing solutions.

Among key challenge, the young leaders are taking on are UNFPA’s greatest issues concerning maternal mortality, family planning, and GBV. During the training, the young persons were introduced to flagship methods to distinguish the root of the problems requiring solutions, ways to efficiently brainstorm and set apart the aspect of the problem along with the roles and strengths of each team member that contribute to the final goals we’ll like to achieve. Remarkable influencers and speakers delivered talks to inspire and re-align the youths’ actionable skills.  Fellowship programs have followed from three Africa country names Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa