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The second edition of the Digital Literacy programme for internally displaced adolescent girls and boys in Maiduguri took place on 6 July.

Digitalization is rapidly emerging across Nigeria and having basic digital skills means better access to digital and smart jobs and, therefore, a better life. 

The digital literacy training programme seeks to ensure that the most marginalized groups affected by conflict and displacement, especially internally displaced adolescent girls and boys, are not left behind in the digital era

Adolescents like Aisha Mustapha, an 18 year old woman displaced from Bama along with her parents, explains what this programme means for her: "I have been visiting UNFPA women and girls' safe spaces; That was how I got to know about the Digital Literacy Training. My dream since childhood was to study computers and become a computer expert, my father promised to enrol me in a computer training school, but money has always been the problem". 

Digital Literacy 2.0 educated a second cohort of 54 participants, 27 girls and 27 boys, on computer appreciation like keyboard use, including typing skills, essential mouse functions and techniques.  

This course equips students with the needed skills to join the growing digital workforce in Nigeria

"I never knew I could get the opportunity while living in an IDP Camp, and most amazingly, after completing the programme, I was empowered with a [tablet]. I am so happy that my dream has started turning into a reality. I can now type, browse the internet and do so many things on the computer even before I join the high institution."- Aisha Mustapha.