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In collaboration with the National Population Commission, UNFPA Nigeria was joined by His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari in welcoming members of the National Assembly, honorable ministers and key representatives of the diplomatic community in garnering national support for the successful conduct of Nigeria’s 2023 Population and Housing Census.


As a project that has very rightfully attracted national attention and demand for assurances of an ethical and transparent conduct of the upcoming census, attendees were diligently educated on the best practices being introduced to ensure quality and accuracy as per international standards in the implementation of Nigeria’s 2023 census.


The United Nations defines a population and housing census as a “total process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing and publishing or otherwise disseminating demographic, economic, social and housing data, pertaining at a specified time, to all persons in a country or in a well delimited part of the country”.  Core housing and demographic indices depend on credible census findings that are meant to be revealed as a result of the exercise being conducted annually.  With the last census conducted in 2006, Nigeria is long overdue in accounting for its current population. The continued absence of critical demographic and housing data means ongoing risks and consequences from unmitigated multi-sectoral and socioeconomic inequities, most especially in spite of the country’s rapidly growing population.  


The Summit held on 11 August 2022, ensured key stakeholders are fully aware of the precise technologies and procedures being initiated specifically for the conduct of a reliable census. As the first-ever digitalized census, the program also appealed to the essential role of citizens in the enumeration processes, which is uncompromisingly key to safeguard that “Everyone is counted once, and in the right place! ”.