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The update version of the COVID-19 situation analysis

The update version of the COVID-19 situation analysis:

The update shows that:

1)      Nigeria recorded 2,170 cases, and 98.2% of the cases were reported in the last seven days - (25th April to 1st May 2020)

2)      Total deaths at 68, doubled in the last one week from 32 as of 24th April 2020.

3)      16 of the 34 States and FCT affected are UNFPA assisted Programme States. Only Cross River is not affected.

4)      Nigeria ranks 73rd out of the 213 affected countries in the world, 5th out of the 53 affected countries in Africa, and 1st out of the 23 countries in UNFPA WCAR.

5)      Nigeria accounts for 15.7% of total cases and 19.9% of total deaths in UNFPA WCAR, and 5.3% of the total cases in Africa, and 0.06% of the total cases in the world.   

The sustained exponential increase is probably due to an increase in testing capacity from 1,500 per day to 2,500 per day.

There is the need for the Sub-Offices to develop state-specific situation analysis in order to understand the LGAs affected for programming