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UNFPA in Nigeria Vol. 1 Issue 5

As the demographic dividend gains momentum, it is crucial to remember that harnessing the potential of young people and investing in them is at the centre of it all. Investment in their reproductive health and wellbeing; education; skills development; governance and social inclusion will determine how well they make it as leaders of tomorrow. In this fth edition of “UNFPA in Nigeria” you will learn more about how the Fund invests in the lives of women, girls and young people towards harnessing the demographic dividend.

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Adolescent Girl Initative In Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria has the highest rates of female iliteracy in the country, and accounts for negative health outcomes, which includes maternal mortality. There is a strong and positive relationship between access to formal education among girls and healthier reproductive health behaviors. 

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Real People, Real Stories

Real people, real stories. Join the campaign to end FGM in Nigeria

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Situation Report

Situation report of UNFPA humanitarian interventions in Nigeria

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Preliminary findings of Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria

Nigeria has the highest absolute number of female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide, accounting for about one-quarter of the estimated 130 million survivors of FGM in the world. Despite legislation and policies prohibiting the practice, it still occurs in many communities and settings in Nigeria. This Survey report highlights the prevalent rate of FGM in Nigeria and identifies the States where it is most prevalent.

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